The company was founded as a result of a successful creative collaboration between Founders and staff.

Our ongoing mission is to be the most professional, creative, and helpful Elevator installation and maintenance group around. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and develop custom-made strategies that are catered to their specific needs. Our deep industry knowledge is the key to helping solve All of type issues, Regardless of their complexity․

We know change isn’t always easy, and since our founding we’ve been helping individuals and companies of all sizes predict and respond to market changes to stay ahead of the curve. We tackle each problem by creating a working relationship with our clients and then focus on understanding their priorities and-long term goals.


1. You have chance to Contact with one person, who will answer all of your questions

- With All of your questions you can contact a Competent Manager who will organise all issues which depends on MACROTECH Service. You will not call to maintenance guys for technical supports or call to accountants for Accounting Metters, etc... Such a system greatly facilitates and accelerates the solution of your current and long-term tasks.

2. The professionalism of our team works for you

- All of MACROTECH specialists are pass necessary periodical tests for work with equipment. And also MACROTECH conduct field training on specific sites. This System Allows MACROTECH to have trained and flexy maintenance team, They are ready to solve every kind of issue.

3. Operative repair And essentials Spare parts in warehouse.

- Our technicians will fastly replace defective goods and will give back to elevator in normal mode. We are keeping essentials goods in our warehouse for quick response of customer issue.

4. We work for you around the clock

- Our Maintenance team work 24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week.


We are always going on and Always organizing special trainings for our staff. Staff Persons of our company, must pass special test according below list two time per every year (Every six months).

- Traction and Hydraulic Elevators with Machine Room

- Traction and Hydraulic Machine Room Less Elevators

- Fire Fighter Elevators

- Freight Elevators

- Medical (Stretchers) Lifts

- Car Lifts

- Dumbwaiters

- Special platforms for Disabled person


-Mandatory Monthly preventive maintenance by Elevator standards.

-Evacuation of passengers within 10-30 minutes.

-Emergency teams around all region of Armenia.

-Fast delivery Every type of spare parts to all regions.

-Mandatory testing and certification of technical specialists.

-Additional safety checks according to Elevator standards, Every Year for free


Your elevators and escalators Should comfortable and reliable move passengers to their desired destination. This is our main task.

High level service of MACROTECH is achieved due to preventive programs for inspection of your elevators and escalators, application of innovative technologies and constant training of a team of technical specialists.