Modernisation Service from MACRO TECH LLC

According long years of work, Mechanical and Electrical parts of Elevators and Escalators are demaging not only mechanicaly also morally, the elevator's cabine acquires a non-representative look.In such cases, systems modernization process becomes critical and life-threatening issue. "MAKRO TOK" LLC Experienced specialists will do their best to provide upgraded modernization services. What does mean modernisation update ? It is a technical update for mechanical and electrical parts and units, System upgrade allows you to have a completely new system that is safe and high quality. After so many changes the units can have the same speed, load and other main parameters as in past. Main Differences between modernisation and new Elevator Installation is mentioned below.

 Exclusion of new large-scale construction works;

 Time saving

 Money saving more than 50%

Why Choose MACRO TECH LLC Modernisation Service

 We will allow you pay less and have safe and High quality product