Maintenance services of Elevators and Escalators from MACRO TECH LLC

Bearing in mind the fact that elevators and escalators are considered dangerous objects, their correct and high-quality service is not less important than their installation. Often people are of the opinion that the new installed elevators and escalators do not need maintenance, but in such cases happen unwanted accidents that can even take people's life. Taking into consideration all these important facts and circumstances MACRO TECH LLC Offering Elevator and Escalator High Quality and Specialized Maintenance Services, with highly qualified and trained professionals. Trust us with your systems and believe that they are in good hands and we will take them all seriously and responsibly.

Why Choose MACRO TECH LLC Maintenance Services

 7 days a week, 24 hours a day service

 Mandatory monthly maintenance, according the elevator maintenance standards

 Passenger evacuation at maximum 10-30 minutes

 Cooperating team of professionals around all regions of Armenia

 Mandatory Testing and Certification of Servicing Engineers

 Free Additional expertise according elevators and escalators standards once every year.

 Availability of necessary spare parts on warehouse

 Fast spare parts delivery throughout the country

 Opportunity to contact one person who will answer all your questions

 We will give you the chance to save money and have a more secure and high quality-unit